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EMS Safety Classes

Emergency situations happen all the time, often with no one nearby with the skills needed to offer help. You can be that person

The Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino will be providing space for EMS Safety Classes as a service to our communities. Our own Sara Corrin, herself a certified EMS Safety Instructor, will be the point of contact for all your EMS Safety instruction needs.

  • Sara Corrin - Contact Information
  • Telephone: 702.298.2535 Ext: 5784
  • Email:

EMS Safety Class Information:

  • Upon completion of your class you will receive a 2 year Certification Card along with online access to Digital Workbooks.
  • EMS Safety classes can be held at any time to meet your group’s needs.
  • Classes are $55.00 per person.
  • Senior / Group Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more.
  • Student to Instructor Ratio is 6:1
  • Each class requires written and live test skills testing.
  • The EMS Safety instructors will travel locally (within a 50 mile radius) if you prefer to hold classes at a different location. (A television with a DVD player must be provided).

EMS Safety Class Options:

Basic First Aid

  • Medical Emergencies • Injuries and Traumatic Emergencies • Environmental Emergencies • First Aid Kit Contents • Patient Assessment and Movement • Personal Protective Equipment • Bloodborne Pathogens • Scene Assessment • Responding to an Emergency • Legal Issues and Consent

CPR & AED Certification for Community Rescuers

  • Adult, Child and Infant CPR and Choking Care • CPR Barriers • Recovery Position • AED Use and Safety Precautions • Personal Protective Equipment • Bloodborne Pathogens • Scene Assessment • Responding to an Emergency • Legal Issues

CPR & AED for Healthcare and Professional Rescuers (BLS)

  • CPR/AED for Adults and Children • Infant CPR • Choking Care • CPR Barriers and BVM • 2 – Rescuer CPR Techniques • Recovery Position • Bloodborne Pathogens • Scene Assessment • Patient Assessment • Responding to an Emergency • Legal Issues

CPR, AED and First Aid for Childcare Providers

Includes all topics of Basic CPR/First Aid plus:

  • Indoor Safety • Playground Safety • Water Safety • Recognizing Maltreatment of Children • Dehydration

CPR, AED & First Aid for the Senior Community

  • Caregiving • Communicating for the Elderly • How to Talk to your Doctor • Keeping Active • Medication Safety • Safe Travel • Safe Community • CPR Alternate Hand Positioning • Fall Prevention & Fall Proofing • Choking in a Wheelchair • Cardiac Risk Factors • Diabetes Management • COPD, Pneumonia •

Postural Hypotension

Emergency Oxygen Administration

  • Emergency Oxygen Defined • Types and Uses of Oxygen Equipment • Oxygen Delivery Devices and How to Use Them • Risks Associated Oxygen Delivery • Oxygen Safety and Storage

Bloodborne Pathogens

  • The BBP Standard • HIV/HEP B&C • Workplace Transmission • Workplace Transmission • PPE • Exposure Control Plan • Management Of Sharps • Blood Spills, Labeling • Hand Washing and Hygiene • Maintenance and Housekeeping • Responding to Emergencies • Dealing with Exposures.