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Promos, Promos & More Promos!

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♦ Aces Cracked: Our signature promotion all day, every day, mixed aces $25.00; same color aces &$50.00!

♦ $150.00 Red Aces Cracked: 2 sessions daily.

♦ $25.00 Four of a Kind Bonus: mixed pocket pair.

♦ $50 Four of a Kind Bonus: same color pocket pair.

♦ High Hand Payouts: Royal Flush $300.00, Straight Flush $100.00.

♦ King of Kings Tournaments: Earn entry through live play and get your seat plus 1,000 chips with any qualified promotional payout, any winning Club or Diamond Flush, Kings Cracked, Tournament play and much more!

♦ Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot: Loser of qualifying hand wins 40% of posted Meter: winner of qualifying hand wins 20% of remaining 40% paid to remaining players at the table.

♦ $300.00 Red Aces Cracked: 2 sessions daily.

Special conditions apply; complete details available in the poker room.

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